Medical Marijuana Canada

Discovering the Best Marijuana Scene in Canada

If you wish to see the real cannabis culture in Canada then you must come to Vancouver where buying and selling of marijuana is accepted. The city has undergone a complete transition in recent years and it is often referred to as ‘Vansterdam’ by the locals because the culture is so similar to ‘Amsterdam’ of North America. The main marijuana headquarters of Canada is located in Vancouver, and it is specifically due to the safe space laws which make it possible for people to bring their own marijuana to the various ‘safe locations’ within the city and smoke a joint.

The marijuana movement in Canada has found an icon in Marc Emery who is primarily responsible for boosting the fate of this drug. Emery is a cannabis activist, advocate, entrepreneur, and politician who is also known as the ‘prince of pot’. He started a retail business that deals with buying and selling of cannabis seeds. This movement became popular and it attained worldwide recognition.

Although the sale of marijuana is legalized in some cities and there are a few cannabis dispensaries where you can find immature plants and varieties of edible marijuana products in the form of cookies, chocolates, etc., please bear in mind that even those states that allow the trade of marijuana have certain laws that you have to abide by. If you are caught carrying marijuana in quantities that is not allowed or you attempt to take the drug out of state, you may be fined or have to serve your jail term.

For visitors, we strongly recommend that you always read about the marijuana laws of the state you are visiting and stay on the safe side. If you wish to enjoy a thriving marijuana scene in Vancouver then you can book one of the pot tours that will take you around the city and give you a real experience. These tours are all guided by expert pot smoking professionals so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

The guides have years of experience in the industry and they will take you through the various medical marijuana centers as well as recreation centers within the city. The Vansterdam tours will offer you one-of-a-kind experience right from educating you about the drug history to take you to the various centers where you can find what you want. They will tell you where to go and where to stay away from. There are some marijuana friendly accommodations where you can choose to stay during your visit to the city and the guides will also show you the best lounges and cafes where you can enjoy your vapors and pots like you have never blazed before!

Some tours will also arrange for you to attend pot parties and take you through a special tour where you will see the largest collection of items belonging to drug history, delicious hemp treats, outdoor activities involving smoking pot, meeting new friends having similar tastes and much more that will turn your trip into a dream.

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