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Vancouver’s New Law Will Boost Marijuana’s Fate

Marijuana sale is legalized in some areas of Canada and anybody visiting these areas can buy and use marijuana, while abiding by the rules of that province. Recently Vancouver has witnessed an explosion in the number of marijuana dispensaries. Although this might appear to be a cash grab for drug dealers at the front, some of the dispensaries selling marijuana in Vancouver are actually much more responsible and they do their job in a proper and regulated manner. There are some stores that will not sell marijuana to certain customers even if they have a prescription from doctor.

The new marijuana medical dispensary by Karuna Health Foundation was recently in news because the staff had refused to sell marijuana to a buyer despite the loud protests. When asked about it, the president, Sacha Canow, said that the buyer was of the right age and he had all the paper work, however when the employee asked for more information, the young man said that he was prone to getting seizures. Canow said that this was the main reason why he staff refused to sell marijuana to the patient because the sativas have higher concentration of cannabinol which is known to cause anxiety in some.

According to Canow, the health care professionals and caregivers should be given more training on marijuana and its medical applications. Some of the Vancouver medical marijuana dispensaries have staff that are well-trained and they always ask for the medical history of the buyers before selling them, so that they can be assured that the person walking out with a bag of the drug will not have any adverse side effects due to his existing health conditions.

The city council in Vancouver has recently enacted a regulatory framework that lays down guidelines for dispensaries and how they should be operating. All the registered clinics need to comply with the existing and changing laws of the state to ensure that buying and selling of marijuana is done responsibly.

According to the recent regulation, the government authorities will set some standards to make sure that the existing dispensaries are abiding them. There are some tests that will be carried out to ensure that the operating dispensaries are complying by the set rules. About ninety percent of the dispensaries in the province have expressed their desire to go through the assessment procedure.

Another owner of a Vancouver medical marijuana dispensary said that although they do sell the plants and products to patients, their main goal is to help patients get rid of health problems and not get depend on marijuana to stay healthy. They believe that if a person has a healthy lifestyle and takes a balanced diet then that person should not need anything else.

Experts are hopeful that the new Vancouver model will improve the fate of marijuana and become a stepping stone to better trading of the drug. And, if the model works fine then other cities within the country may also adopt this model to keep the operations more regulated and transparent.

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